About Us

Playpen Balls & Ball Pit Balls

ECC is the largest, most versatile manufacturer of hollow plastic playpen pit balls and ball pit balls in the world. Our experience is unrivaled throughout the industry. Our reputation for quality, service and innovation sets us apart from others.

Flexibility With facilities in North Carolina, ECC is the perfect partner for all of your playpen balls and ball pit balls pool requirements. Shipped direct to site, our playpen balls and ball pit balls are always available for immediate delivery.

Service As a supplier to My Gym facilities and other businesses we know a thing or two about service. Whether you are ordering a single case of playpen balls or a full container of ball pit balls, you will always receive friendly and efficient service.

Also, we know that things don't always go smoothly during playground installations. Deadlines get pulled forward, orders get overlooked. You can be confident that whatever the problem, your playpen balls or ball pit balls order will be delivered on-site.

Value Whatever size of playpen balls or ball pit balls you choose, the value for money you get from Playpen Balls Unlimited is impossible to beat. Competitive pricing and outstanding life expectancy make the purchasing decision a simple one: buy from Playpen Balls Unlimited.

Quality Our technology produces playpen balls and ball pit balls of a quality that is recognized as the industry standard throughout the world. We never take this for granted: randomly selected samples of playpen balls and ball pit balls are regularly removed from production and compression tested to 50% of their diameter. We create a tougher environment than any playpen ball or ball pit ball pool will ever experience! The playpen balls and ball pit balls are expected to survive at least 20,000 compressions - twice the figure that the best of our competitors can achieve. The strength and survivability of our playpen balls and ball pit balls are second to none.

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